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Cindy Palumbo - Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer choices

Just came in from the tasting room and have to say, it's always nice to catch up with wine club members and meet new or future ones. The tasting room has been bustling lately in an uncrowded but steady flow of very interested and enthusiastic people from all over. Yes, word of mouth has been a good thing for us and we thank all of you who spread the good word!

We absolutely love the level of interest in all that we do but one of the questions we get very often is "what is your favorite?". Most of you that know us understand the reason for the answer, "it depends". Yup, it really does depend. Time of day, temperature, food or none or just plain mood are some of the things that make the difference. Several years ago we even started making our one white wine, Viognier, just for the simple fact that sometimes we are in the mood for a white wine and so are our customers.

That said, maybe the question should be "what are you drinking lately?". Now that the days are long, the grass is green and the BBQ is heating up, our tastes are changing to certain wines. The Sangiovese has never gone out of favor but this time of year really screams for it along with a simple grilled steak, a side of pasta and zucchini. Or just thinking about grilled shrimp and a chilled Viognier makes my mouth start to water. But I've got to admit, if I'm grilling a whole roast filet or Tri-Tip, a treat for sure, a bold Cabernet is definitely on the menu.

 So, once again, it depends. If I can give any advise at all,  it is to get any bottle open quick, share a few glasses with friends and then, and only then, start thinking about what you want to open next!

Whatever you're  in the mood for, pop that cork and enjoy your Summer!       


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